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The Natural Way


Soy and Menopause


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The Natural Way:

What could be better than being natural, At your new time of life there are many new Natural products
that can keep us at optimal condition.

Most of us would like to get all of our vitamins from a natural source, But in this time of working and
rushing it is very hard to do. Taking a great vitamin supplement can help a great deal.

Vitamin supplements can be divided into two groups. Natural Synthetic

Synthetic Vitamins are usually ones that are made in our labs from isolated chemicals that are close to
the real thing.

Natural Vitamins are from a food source. Not all vitamins that are labeled natural are. Some of them
are filled with fillers such as sugar and starch, coal tar, coloring and other additives. So be sure and
really read your labels.

Vitamins for Menopause:

Lecithin: This is important as an emulsifier for Vitamin E, which can help to reduce hot flashes.

Multienzyme with HCI: To help and aid with our digestion

Primrose Oil: This can act as a calment and as a diuretic, this can be important to help aid in the
production of estrogen.

B Complex: The B vitamins have been long known for the aid in our immune system, PMS, depression,
cellular function, and most of all Stress.

Vitamin E: Has been known to help to reduce Hot Flashes,

Calcium: "Most Important during Menopause: You should at least 1200 mg daily. This helps to protect
your bones, aids in nervousness, and bone loss.

Baron: This will help to absorb your Calcium

Magnesium: Works together with our calcium

Zinc: Also helps in Bone loss, Check out the new Zinc Lozenge's. Great for you're immune systems

Meno-Fem: This is a natural menopause Supplement that you can take to help control your Menopause
symptoms. There are many over the counter Menopause Vitamins that you can try, Read the Labels
and check with your Dr, to see if you can take them, This is a good choice for those of you who do not
want opt for HRT.

Vitamin C; Also Aids in the help to control hot flashes. 

Menopause Herbs:

1) You can make a paste from aloe vera gel and slippery elm powder; Mix together until a substance
like mayonnaise and insert in to vaginal. This is suppose to help relive vaginal dryness. Make sure that
your are not allergic to any of theses substances

. 2) Green Oats and Damiana and Fo To - Are suppose to help with sexual desire This is something
that allot of us women have a problem with if you have had a hysterectomy.

3) Ginseng: Long known for its Greatness in helping depression, energy, immune system and vitality.

4) Dong Guai: A natural Menopause Supplement, to help aid in hot flashes and help to balance out a
women's hormones.

anything new you should always research it and speak with your physician. 


Do we still produce testosterone? If you have or are going through menopause Naturally, Dr Morris
Notelovitz of Gainsville Florida did a study in 1982 of 145 pre-menopausal women and post menopausal
women, supported by a grant from the National institute on aging, demonstrated that the ovaries still
produced a (small) amount of estrogen and our ovaries continued to produce substantial amounts of
The male hormone testosterone and androstenedione after menopause.

Some of these hormones are converted to estrogen by body fat. In fact, most of the estrogen
circulating in our bloodstream after menopause comes from these androgens.

Our adrenal glands also produce a minute amount of androgen.

Many women will and can during and after menopause experience a drop in their sexual desire.

This can be due to a sudden total hysterectomy, especially at an early age. Hot flashes, fatigue and

According to Dr Notelozit, whom I have met on several occasions, The male sex hormone testosterone
is most likely more important in mataining sexual desire after menopause than estrogen.

Testosterone has been linked with a greater feeling of well-being, greater sexual Desire,

Should you take testosterone? "Consult with your Dr. To high of levels can lead to high levels of
cholesterol, fluid retention, liver problems, increased hair loss or growth. Most of these symptoms can be
controlled with an adjustment in the dose.

You need to have your levels of testosterone checked by your Dr. and go from there. The best way to
use testosterone is to use them in the form of a testosterone cream or gel, or in the form of
subcutaneous pellets. Which a licensed compounding RX can make in any dose your Dr requires. 

Soy and Menopause

Soy foods contain several ingredients that may be useful in preventing disease. Isoflavonoids, such as
genistein and daidzein are weak estrogen's and may lessen the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.
Protease inhibitors in soy foods may reduce the risk of cancer.

It is thought to be that twenty grams of soy a day will help to decreased hot flashes. Compared to a
placebo (sugar pill) group it also lowered both blood pressure and cholesterol.

What Foods Have Soy In Them?

Soy Milk 1 Cup

ToFu 1 Cup

Soy Nuts

Or you can get a some great soy products from The Life Extension Foundation on Line .We do not sell
for them, Just believe in there products. Their address is "