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Hello and Welcome :

Many of you , men and women have written to us with questions. We are dedicating this page to this forum. At the bottom of the page you will find a new guest book to place your questions, We will try and answer them the best we can, we are not Dr's but a Menopause Support Group for the past 6 years , and have spoken to hundreds of women and men on the topic. We hope this will help all of you. If you would like to send in your input, we would love to hear from you , as always. We hope all of you are having a Great and Wonderful New Year, And GOOD HEALTH TO ALL !!
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Re: Hot flashes and shaking... One of the members were asking for advice on hot flashes and shaking. I have no advice on it, but was relieved to know that the "shaking" wasn't my imagination. The doctor found no cause for it, and I suffer dearly from it. Now I realize, it has to go hand and hand with the menopause syndrome. Why aren't more OB-GYN's listening to their patients when they complain about this??

Dear Jane: Many women suffer form shaking and hot flashes, This is not unusual. As your hormone level's drop durning the day , your body goes through many changes. Sometime changing your estrogen to such as the patch if you can , will help as to keep a more stable dose of estrogen in your body throught the day. Research has found that some women taking the pill form has a less consant level of estrogen in her body with more ups and downs durning a 24 hour peroid. Talk to your Dr and see if you can try a different form of estrogen, and have your levels checked.

RE: A men's point of view about menopause I have enjoy this page. I would like to have info about men's thinking in this relevant topic.

Dear Rafael: We would love to hear more form me on Menopause. As a matter of fact, I am going to creat a page just for men in the next weeks to come. But in the mean time, we would to hear from you! Please e-mail me with your thoughs on the topic. and I will put them up.You will be our first male advisor. We look foward to hearing from you. You may email us at .

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