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                            Women's Pharmacy's
                                  Compounding Pharmacy's

Estrogen, Testosterone
Egads, What's a women to do,

With so many new hormones out on the market today, we kinda just put our trust into what our DR's give us. " Not to say that's bad " " BUT", not all hormones are alike.

Some women can only take a very small dose of estrogen. While others can take 2 milligrams a day. Some of us may need a combo, like estrogen & testosterone.

You can not always find these at your regular pharmacy, but you have an alternative. Below are a list of compounding pharmacy's that will make a special dose of hormones for you with your Dr.

You must have a open minded Dr . that will work with you on this. It could take many tries until you get the right dose, but I can tell you it will be well worth it, to feel like your ole self  again.

Professional Compounding Pharmacy Mike Beck, R.Ph. 871 N W Spruce Corvallis,
                          OR 97330 (541) 766-8787

The Woman's International Pharmacy 5708 Mona Drive Madison, WI 53716
1 (800) 279-5780

  Bajamar Woman's Pharmacy 9609 Dielman Rock Island St. Louis, MO 63132 1 (800) 225-8025

   The College Pharmacy 833 North Tejon Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903
1 (800) 888-8958

   Belmar Pahrmacy 12860 West Cedar Drive Suite 210 Lakewood, CO, 80228

Dixie PMS Center 2161 Newmarket Parkway Suite 222 Marietta , GA 30067

   Aeron LifeCycles " Saviva Test for Hormones" 1933 Davis Ave, Suite 310 San  Leandro, Ca 9455                    1-800-631-7900

Martin Avenue Pharmacy Inc. 10 West Martin Avenue Naperville, IL 60540 Phone:
         630-355-6400 Fax: 630-355-6522

All of these pharmacies can customize your hormones for you, whether it is estrogen and progesterone or estrogen and testosterone, Tri estrogen (E1 E2 E3) testosterone creams, etc.

Call them and have them send you all the great   information they have to offer you. This is also where they can compound the pellets, for those of you who have had no luck with conventional hormone replacement therapy.
If you need help finding these, give us an email, and we will be happy to help you find one near you.