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* What's All the Fuss*

The Progesterone Connection

It has been generally accepted that hormone replacement therapy in and after
Menopause, for women with a uterus should intermittently or continuously combined with progesterone for the prevention of hyperplasia and cancer of the endometrium.
The absorption of progesterone after the oral usage has been found to be poor and highly dependent on the stomach contents per Dr.Merkus, Professor of Obstetrics in the Netherlands.
Furthermore, there is a strong second by pass to the liver by the oral synthetic form, which have to a greater or lesser degree, metabolic side affects.

What does this mean?

 A new study is being followed up on, using a new route to administer progesterone. The nose.
In study's in Europe, They have found that progesterone via the nose avoids the first pass effect. But that they have so far found out that this method has not been very patient friendly.

It has been found that progesterone is essential for a women with an enact uterus, to help minimize the risk of endometrial hyperplasia and subsequently endometerial cancer caused by unopposed estrogens.

Progesterone is the only natural progestogen with a clear biological function. The other progestogens, which are used clinically, are all synthetic.
In the Netherlands, they have found that for continuous combined HRT the use of micronised progesterone is preferred on theoretical ground, given the pronounced changes in our lipoproteins.

The difference between natural and synthetic progesterone is that the natural form comes from a plant source. And is suppose to be an exact duplicate that is normally produced by our ovaries.

Natural progesterone is suppose to combine with our receptor sites, and elicits biological effects without many of the side affects as seen with synthetic forms. But this form is short acting, and a higher dose may be needed to keep your blood levels consistent. Good reason to check with your Doctor, before trying out any new hormone treatments.

The oral route of progesterone has long been considered impractical because of poor absorption, and short effects. (Not lasting long in our body's)
Natural progesterone in a powder form is destroyed by the stomach acid, but when put in a oil base, supposedly it is firmly held together so that it actually absorbed into the lymphatic system first, allowing higher levels before being cleared from the liver.

Some of the claims of this new form of Natural Progesterone are as follows:

Weight loss
Loss of water retention
Increased sexual desire
Improved Mood
Relief form Depression
Balancing out Estrogen dependence

In many new books out on the marked, This is also the new miracle hormone.
The cure for all. As with D>H>E>A>, There is no miracle. This is a change into a new passage of life that we can not avoid.
Though there are many things that we can do to help us along the way.
We can read all the books we can find, to educate ourselves more.
We can talk in depth with our Doctors to get as much information possible about our options, and our body's.
We can exercise, eat right, stop smoking, take our vitamins, and think positive.
We can join a support group to talk about our fears, and changes in out bodies.

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